Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria

For Students of ICSE

Candidates who have been awarded Pass Certificates in the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE) with pass marks in four subjects including ENGLISH are eligible for admission to courses of study prescribed by the Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC).

For Students from other Boards

The eligibility criteria of candidates who have been awarded Pass Certificates in equivalent examinations conducted by other Examining Boards is decided by the Chief Executive and the Secretary of the Council.

The recognized conditions of eligibility are:

• The candidate must have been awarded a Pass Certificate conforming to the requirements of the Board in an equivalent examination taken at one and the same seating.

• The candidate must have obtained pass marks in accordance with the regulations of the Board in ENGLISH and four other written subjects, excluding INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT).

• WORD PROCESSING, WORK EDUCATION and LOGIC are not accepted by the CISCE.

• Candidates hailing from other boards will be admitted to standard XI provisionally, awaiting final admission by the CISCE after submission of Statement of Marks issued to the candidates by the Examining board.

• The final decision of subject combinations granted to individual students, lies with the school authorities.

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