About Us

About Us

The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society School (ISC) at a glance:

At The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society School (ISC), we provide a nourishing environment which enriches the lives of our students with knowledge, happiness and character – building activities. Our goal, since inception, has been to bring to the world the gift of responsible young leaders equipped with intellectual skills, social abilities and strong values. With its capacity of about 500 students in classes XI and XII, the BGES (ISC), with its dynamic, need-based courses, leaves no stone unturned to pioneer the development of knowledge and promote innovation.

We, at The Bhawanipur, firmly believe that each child is unique and important. No child should be left behind at any point in the journey of teaching-learning procedure. Thus we happily provide a platform to students from different boards ( State boards, ICSE , CBSE , NIOS ) . They learn at their own pace under the guidance of our seasoned faculty.


The school furnishes its teachers and students with state-of-the-art technology in classrooms in order to further the teaching and learning process. The Smart classrooms have transformed classroom teaching into a stimulating experience where lessons come alive and help enhance the cognitive ability of the learners. The students are also offered a plethora of co-curricular activities that result in holistic education and facilitate all-round development of individual personalities.

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