Message from the Vice Principal

Mrs Mou Banerjee, Vice Principal

The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society School (ISC), post pandemic, has evolved into a better self. The students’ holistic development remains its primary concern, therefore, the offline teaching learning process is complemented by the highly developed and customized online infra – structure. The challenges of the continuous and unpredictable covid situations have driven us to deliver better. The students having come back to school two years later, the institution’s endeavor this year is to make it a period of joy, healthy competition and sharing. We take into our fold students with all levels of learning abilities. Our goal is set towards the effective plan of remedial teaching, along with positive self-esteem building of the learner. The students are taught that they are the only people responsible for their success. They must learn to be in full control of their future. The effort of every educator here is to unlock the treasure within the child and help them achieve.

Time and tide, they doth wait for none

Go out and gather ye buds before the day is done

Untiring and unbending, dauntless to serve.

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Subject Combinations offered for Class XI, Academic Session 2023-24

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