The school boasts of excellent up-to-date infrastructure - teachers, classrooms, facilities, etc,  which provides its students an engaging learning atmosphere. It looks after their well being by providing facilities for extra-curricular activities, at the same time keeping their safety and well-being in mind.

Notice Board

Smart Classrooms

State-of-the-art technology is the need of the hour. The traditional system of lecturing has to be supported for better communication, presentation, and conceptualization by the use of latest technological teaching aids. At The BGESS, classrooms and lecture halls are provided with multimedia projectors and other technical equipment making learning more absorbing, comprehensive, and fruitful to the students.


The school has two well-equipped auditoriums on the second and sixth floors, with a capacity of 90 and 300 persons respectively. A variety of events like cultural programmes, seminars , debates, plays and other programmes and activities are conducted throughout the year. The school auditorium are centrally air-conditioned with a sound-proof set up and are equipped with current technology for all types of audio/video presentations.


An air conditioned Central Library, the Knowledge Centre, provide to students and staff a very conducive environment and opportunity for exploring a world of knowledge.

The library has a rich collection of text and reference books, journals, magazines and so on, in all disciplines and in all areas of study. The students are also enriched with complete web support provided by the library.

Safety & Security

BESC is of the firm belief that the security and safety of its inmates is an integral part of its service in the education sector. For maintaining a safe and professional academic environment in the campus, the school has:

  • A dedicated and efficient team of professional security officers and personnel, deputed at all campus locations in a well distributed manner.
  • A network of CCTV Cameras installed at strategic places for 24 hr surveillance. Fire Safety kits are mounted inside all buildings and at all important locations.


The school offers access to a large, modern well maintained canteen with high standards of hygiene and strict quality control. Vegetarian meals, snacks, drinks and other popular items are available at economical prices.

Extra-curricular Activities

The school also encourages and promotes a wide variety of career oriented technical competitions like quiz, debates, creative writing and so on.. Different co-curricular activities and talent exhibitions are also being entertained.


New Ground

An astro-turf ground has been constructed on the school premises, with facilities for badminton, basketball and cricket. A daily cricket tournament has proved to be a popular pastime.