Utsab Banerjee

Subject Combinations for Class XI for Academic Session 2021-23

The Subject Combinations are: Science Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E English English English English English English Env. Science Env. Science Env. Science Env. Science Env. Science Env. Science Physics Accounts Accounts Accounts Accounts Accounts Chemistry Economics Economics Commerce Commerce Commerce Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics B. Studies B. Studies B. Studies Computer Science Computer Science Commerce Art Fashion

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Organization of Classes through Online and/or different Communication Platforms

It is hereby notified that due to the prevailing emergency situation and Nation-wide lock down, regular classes of the ISC Department have been suspended till further notice. The subject teachers are however conducting classes through online and other convenient communication platforms like Email, Whatsapp etc. and sending regular notes and assignments to the students. Students are also instructed to interact with the respective subject teachers, so that their studies are not at any halt and their syllabus is also progressed.…

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