Subject Prescribed Texts Publication / Edition
English I Total English 11 Morning Star Edition
English II Echoes – A Collection Of ISC Short Stories
Reverie – A Collection Of ISC Poems
The Tempest
Evergreen Publications (India)Ltd
Evergreen Publications (India)Ltd
Oxford Edition
Environmental Science ISC Environmental Science (XI): Amita Ganguly Marina Publications
Accounts Double Entry Book Keeping – ISC XI: T.S. Grewal Sultan Chand
Commerce S. Chand’s ISC Commerce (Vol I): Dr. C.B. Gupta Sultan Chand
Business Studies ISC Business Studies (Part I): C.B. Gupta Goyal Brothers Prakashan
Mathematics Understanding ISC Mathematics Class XI (Vols I & II) – M.L Aggarwal
ISC Mathematics Class XI – O.P. Malhotra , S.K. Gupta , Anubhuti Gangal
Arya Publications
S Chand
Economics Frank ISC Economics For Class XI By D.K. Shethi And U. Andrews
Computer Science Computer Science With Java (XI) ISC: Sumita Arora Dhanpat Rai & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd
Chemistry Nootan ISC Chemistry Class: H. C Srivastava
Reference: ISC Chemistry for Class XI (Part I & II): K. L. Chug
Nageen Prakashan
Nageen Prakashan
ISC XII T.S Grewal’s Double Entry Book Keeping (Section A)
ISC XII T.S Grewal’s Management Accounting (Section B)
Sultan Chand (SCS)
Physics Nootan ISC Physics Class XI – Kumar Mittal
Reference: Concepts of Physics Vol – I: H. C. Verma
NCERT Physics Class XI
Numerical Problems in Physics for Class XI: S. L. Arora
Nageen Prakashan