Steps for Payment of Enrollment Challans for Class XII (2020-21).

  1. Click on “Class XII Enrollment” option on the Home page of the School website (
  2. Enter your Class XI Roll No. and Date of Birth and click “OK” button.
  3. Check the Enrollment Form.
  4. Click the “SAVE” button.
  5. “Print Form” option & “Print Challan” option will be available. Click on “Print Challan” option.
  6. You will be directed to Fees Challan page containing the Challans through which the Class XII Enrollment Fees has to be paid in three installments:-


Sl No. Particular

 Total Amount   (1st Inst + 2nd Inst + 3rd Inst) (Rs.)

 1st INSTALLMENT Amount (Rs.)

Last Date of Payment of 1st Installment

2nd INSTALLMENT Amount (Rs.)

Last Date of Payment of 2nd Installment

3rd INSTALLMENT Amount (Rs.)

Last Date of Payment of 3rd Installment
1 XII (Sci) 57,000 21,500 20-Aug-20 19,500 10-Oct-20 16,000 30-Dec-20
2 XII (Comm) 47,000 19,000 20-Aug-20 17,000 10-Oct-20 11,000 30-Dec-20
3 XII (Art) 51,500 20,000 20-Aug-20 18,000 10-Oct-20 13,500 30-Dec-20
4 XII (Fashion & Art) 52,500 20,000 20-Aug-20 18,000 10-Oct-20 14,500 30-Dec-20


i)  The First Challan (1st Installment) fees is to be paid by 20th AUGUST, 2020.

ii)  The Second Challan (2nd Installment) fees is to be paid by 10TH OCTOBER, 2020.

 iii) The Third Challan (3rd Installment) fees is to be paid by 30th DECEMBER, 2020.


  1. The payment of Installments should be made serially according to the order of the Challan Number generated, on or before the last date mentioned.
  2. There are two modes of payment:

i) Direct payment of Enrollment Fees at The Federal Bank (Bhowanipore Branch) details given in the Challan.

ii) For Online Payment of Fees, Bank Details are as follows:-

The Federal Bank

      Account Number: 13040200016096        (IFSC: FDRL0001304)


9. After payment of Enrollment Fees within the stipulated time, an image of the paid Challan is to be

e-mailed immediately,  along  with the payment details  ( with Transaction ID or UTR Number in case of

online payment) to the following e-mail ID:

10. Original Paid Challans are to be kept for submission to the School Office after the School reopens.


For any queries contact mail ID :